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baner of telugu sangham


Profile of Chandigarh Andhra Sanskritika Sangham chandigarh photo

Chandigarh,the city beatiful located in north-west region of India is the centre of different languages and cultures.From a modest number of 25 Telugu speaking families in 1967 to more than 700 families to constitute its strength today Andhra Samskritika Sangham, Chandigarh has recorded an impressive growth comparable to the city beautiful itself. Initially aimed to serve as a meeting ground to organise picnics, regional film shows and variety entertainment programmes for its members, the Andhra Samskritika Sangham embarked on a broader perspective in the year 1972 when it was officially registered.

There about 700 Andhra Families in Chandigarh, Panchakula and Mohali where members serve various Organisations Govt,Semi Govt. and Private . The Sangham has been existence for over a three decades and has been rendering useful services to this small community. Cultural Programmes,picnics,film shows organised by the Sangham from time to time give an opportunity to all the members to meet.  Over these years, the Andhra Community has increased in size and year by year new entrants are adding to the strength. A rapid turnover in the members is seen obviously because a majority belong to the services.This resulted in induction of fresh and enthusiastic blood every year whose contribution has been invaluable to the activities of Sangham.These activities have been instrumental in not only bringning frequently the Andhras of the city together but also projecting the cultural heritage of Andhra Pradesh to this region of India through its activities.

Our Objectives

  i). To provide facilities for teaching Telugu to the children of the members;
 ii). To provide facilities for learning classical music of Carnatic Style vocal as well as instrumental;
iii). To provide facilities for learning calssical dance Kuchipudi style;
iv). To set up a good library of Telugu books, dailies and periodicals;
 v). To provide an effective platform for the members in acquainting the Chandigar citizens of the cultural traditions of the Andhra Pradesh which are inseparable from the cultural beritage of India;
vi). To make available all of the above facilities to any citizen of Chandigarh who is interested in Sangham's objectives and thus promote the spirit of national integration.

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